Saints Of Order

Like any organisation, Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang (ABSS), is a reflection of its founder, his vision and ideas. Studying life of such saint is the fact way to understand the philosophy behind it.All the saints of the Order have been staunch Grehasthis (householders) earning their bread by working themselves and imparting this most valueable knowledge to one and all. As they did not believe in Gurudom, each saint involved a family atmosphere around him and has always been called by affectionate names like Lala ji, Chachcha ji, Dadda ji, and Bhai Sahib ji as if everybody is a part and parcel of the same family . The method is so devised that it suits to everyone without discrimination of caste, creed, colour, status, profession and religion.

Param Sant Mahatma Maulana Fazal Ahmad Khan Sahab

Param Sant Mahatma Ramchandra Ji Maharaj .

Param Sant Mahatma Raghuvar Dayal Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Mahatma Brijmohan Lal Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji

Pujniya Mataji

Param Pujya Suresh Ji