The Founder


Param Sant Mahatma Shri Yashpal ji (Pujya Bhai Sahab Ji) was born on 5th Dec. 1918 at Bulandshahar, a small town in northern India Province of Uttar Pradesh. His father was a munsarim in district judge’s court. He was educated at Bulandshahar and Allahabad. Inspite of being a brilliant student, he had to discontinue his studies after graduation because of economic compulsions, and take a job of telegraphist in Posts and telegraph department. With his intelligence and aptitude he performed extremely well all throughout his career and retired as Director, Post & Telegraph, India. He was also a Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

He was leading an ordinary life as that of a sincere worker, a good husband and a caring father. And then one event changed it all.

Those were troubled times – the year 1946. India was bleeding due to worst communal riots in its history just before tasting freedom. There were strikes & protests all around. The gap between Hindus and Muslims, two major communities was widening day by day. During this time, he was posted as Electrical Supervisor in Calcutta. On 16th Aug. 1946, a prominent politician anounced ‘Direct Action Day’. That day he walked early to his office as no conveyance was available. Miscreants could be seen carrying flags and weapons. Unharmed, he reached office on time only to find that it was virtually empty, and then the riots started. He saw men being reduced to animals and doing barbaric deeds. There was bloodbath on streets of Calcutta and he was caught in his office, away from his family, unable to move. News of riots continued to pour in the office. For four days he could not even ascertaind the well-being of his family. And this period left him pondering about the barbarity around and as to what was the true goal of life. All these thoughts ultimately led him to conclude this:
1) The objective of human life is not to live like animals nor to die like them.
2) To live life mechanically as it comes will be simply to waste it.
On 5th day he reached home and with great difficulty managed to leave Calcutta. His uncle wrote to Daddaji about the incident and what can be termed only as divine help, he was transferred to Delhi.

The events had left a deep scar on his mind and his tranquility was shattered. During this time his younger brother Sh. Satya Palji, who was studying Ayurvedic medicine, came to live with him. When Daddaji was in Bulandshahar, Satya Palji had come in his contact and had developed liking and respect for him.

This contact had changed his lifestyle almost entirely. His ever smiling face, humility, and discilpined behavior had endeared him to everyone.The joy and benevolance on his face while doing puja was in dark contrast with his own state of mind. This observation inspired him and he turned to organised religion, visiting temples and reading scriptures. But it was of little help, he was as disturbed as ever.

At last he summoned courage and asked Satyapal ji, who told him the importance of a Guru.”When for worldly knowledge a Guru is needed then why not for spiritual knowledge”, he said. Opportunity knocked at Shri Yashpal Ji’s door, when he came to know that Daddaji was coming to Secundrabad for a spiritual function (Bhandara).

“Sonny! you have come, I was waiting for you.” – Bhai Sahab Ji was received with great pleasure by Daddaji. Initiation was given on the day of Dusshera. Concentration came immediately and there was no thought. He saw a brilliant light. Slowly he felt pressure in nerves of his head which ingulfed him completely. Both Guru and shishya forgot themselves completely and reached a very high state of meditation.

After returning to Delhi he continued to remain in a state of high concentration and had many divine experiences.

One day while sitting in meditation at night he observed so much Anand (Joy) in meditation, which was beyond expression. He started feeling sweet vibrations slightly above the middle of the two eyebrows. It was as if a strong current was flowing through Agya Chakra. The tip of the tounge got stuck to the hard palate. Bliss continued to flow and he forgot himself completely, the current spread in the entire head region to the extent that all nerves started vibrating.

It was as if a cool, charged liquid was flowing all through his head, stimulating each nerve that it was touching. The complete personality, mind, intellect and soul were as if drowned in bliss. Pupils of his eyes were drawn upwards and he could not open his eyes even with effort. This current started striking his inner crust of the skull and vibrations started in region described in scriptures as a thousand petalled lotus (base of brain). A strange and sweet tinkling started in the inner skull.

Drops of elixir flowing through his head started falling at the base of his neck sending ripples of Ananda through out his body. Simultaneously he felt that his pranas were going upwards. He had no consciousness left. He saw that from his body (Gross body) a slight greenish body (Subtle body) came out, went upwards and reached a what could be described as a great Siddha (One who has reached highest state of knowledge). Such was the power of this Siddha Purusha that entire universe seemed to be lighted by his aura. His heart started chanting the name of his Gurudevji. It seemed that he was floating in an immense Ocean chanting “Jai Satgurudev Jai Padsharnam (Glory to the master, glory to his liberating feet).”  After traversing a great distance his brilliantly white soul (Atma) flew upwards after leaving his subtle body and with a brilliant burst got absorbed in every particle of the universe.

The whole universe came alive. Every bird, every tree, every particle of sand seemed alive and connected to each other by the same divine power.  His soul pervaded all living and non living things. It was an experience beyond description.

He, who has realised himself as one with all existences becomes a seer. He did not know for how long he remained in that state and when did his soul return to his body.

During this time his wife after finding chores came to him and saw him lying with his head limped sideways as if without life. She bent forward and found him unconscious, his breathing almost absent. There was no pulse although his body was warm. She got intensely frightened but drew courage from her love for him and strength of her chastity.

His atma returned to his body and he got up. He continued to remain in the state of this bliss.

He wrote about his experience to his Gurudev who replied as follows :
“Who knows, in your form God has given us the child about whom Mahatma of Fatehgarh had predicted that you will get a child who will shine brilliantly and bring glory to all of us.”
“May God give you true love and light that never fades.”
This was the beginning of a long series of wonderful experiences and learning process, all of which have been chronicled by him in a series of 5 books “Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit” in which he discusses in detail about his initiation into this path, his difficulties and progress.

On 4th June, 1951, reverend Daddaji said, “Today we permit (give izazat to) Yashpal ji to conduct satsang. It is expected from this dear one that wherever he will go, God willing, he will form a new satsang. There is so much attraction and so much subtleness that whosoever will come in his contact, even a person with stone heart would develop vibrations of love in him. God willing this dear lad will take the mission very far. Thy will be done.”