Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit – Part 1

Sri Brijmohan Vachanamrit, a treatise on practical spirituality penned by Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji is available in five parts. The first part covers the initial contact of the author with his Satguru (Sri Brijmohan Lalji), and his initiation in the path beginning the year 1942 till the year 1948 when he acquired the rare spiritual elevation (in Hindi).

Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit – Part 2

The second part of Sri Brijmohan Vachanamrit provides a wonderful collection of spiritual experiences of the author, Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji in his day to day household life in the company of his Satguru. The incidents are spread over a period of two years ranging from 1948 to 1949 (in Hindi).

Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit – Part 3

The third part of  Sri Brijmohan Vachanamrit by the author Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji provides a good collection of dream experiences and correspondence of the author with his Satgurudev. Other highlights are instructive discourses by his Satgurudev (Sri Brijmohan Lalji) on various aspects of spiritual practices and practical tips for aspirants. This covers a period from 1949 to 1952(in Hindi).

Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit – Part 4

In part IV of Sri Brijmohan Vachanamrit, the author Param Sant Sri Yashpal Ji, based on his interaction with his Satgurudev during 1952 presents a detailed commentary on various topics such as Brahma and Jiva, Knowledge and ignorance, Principles of spiritual practices, Spiritual life and laws of nature, Karma, knowledge and anand, Saint and satguru, Nishkam karma, Ishwar and Brahma, Shabda and mukti etc.(in Hindi).

Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit – Part 5

Part V of Sri Brijmohan Vachanamrit is based on the author’s spiritual practices sadhana and satsang in close contact with his Satguru during the period 1952 to 1955. Also it provides an account of some wonderful communications with his Satguru who finally merged with the Lord Almighty after leaving his mortal remains in 1955(in Hindi).

Anand Yoga – Part 1

‘The Anand Yoga’ written in two volumes by Param Sant Sri Yashpal ji is the key book on the proposed methodology of spiritual practices which according to the great master i.e. the author, is based on the method of addition known as Itimarg. Written in very simple and effective manner, the first volume of Anand yoga contains some very basic elements of ‘sadhana’ for aspirants such as complex human personality, the spiritual practice, Atmic samaskar and grace of Satguru, the methodology of addition, practical aspects, the five enemies and their elimination etc. (in English). The Hindi translation of the book is also available.

Anand Yoga – Part 2

The ‘Anand Yoga volume II’ authored by Param Pujya Sri Yashpal ji has been built up over Part I of Anand yoga propounded and practiced by the author. Written in a simple and lucid manner, it reveals the deep significance of the Real Master, Satsang, Satnam, the Spiritual child, Spiritual life, Diksha and shaktipat, Beej mantra, Keelak mantra, Shakti mantra and finally the self realization(in English). The Hindi translation of the book is also available.

Ashtavakra Gitamrit

The ‘Ashtavakra Gitamrit’ contains the words of wisdom as told by Maharshi Ashtavakra to the King Janak which apparently helped the king to attain the state of ‘Videh’. Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal ji has presented an in-depth interpretation of the original text (in Sanskrit) through his own characteristic style in both the languages Hindi and English. The book is equally useful for the new aspirants as well as serious seekers.

Sanrakshak Ke Sandesh

‘Sant Sudha’ is the main spiritual magazine of the ABSS which is published quarterly. Each issue of ‘Sant Sudha’ contains a lead article ‘Samrakshak ka Sandesh’ wherein the Samrakshak of ABSS, Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal ji used to address his dear members of ABSS to awaken and encourage them to march on towards their goal i.e. self realization. The book ‘Samrakshak ke Sandesh’ is a collection of the above articles taken from various issues of ‘Sant Sudha’ starting from year 1976 to year 2000.

Gita Sudha (Part 1 to 14)

‘Gita Sudha’ authored by Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji provides a unique and novel interpretation of Gita which makes it quite different from others. Explained in Hindi and English, each ‘Sloka’ makes a deep impact on the heart and soul of the reader compelling him to ponder over their meaning and significance in ones day to day life. Currently the first 14 chapters (Adhyays) are available where as the remaining are under preparation.

Sadhan Paddhati

The ‘Sadhana Paddhati’ is a collection of Pravachans delivered by Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji to his dear disciples to make them understand the basic methodology of the spiritual practice. The most practical methods are suggested for 24 hours of effortless ‘sadhana’ for the personnel from different sections of the society. The book is simple, easy reading and highly recommended to beginners(in Hindi).

Aatm Prakash

Authored by Param Sant Mahatma Sri Brijmohal Lal Ji is based on his spiritual discourses delivered during 1930-34. The book is presented in a style of question-answer and reveals some deeper secrets of spiritual knowledge. The author himself being a self realized soul has been able to address successfully some intricate problems faced by a practitioner on the path of spiritual attainment. Also it opens up some secrets covering Jiva, Atman, Brahm and their interrelations in a simple and understandable manner (in Hindi).

Mazhab Aur Tehkikat

The ‘Mazahab and Tahkikat’ is a rare collection of discourses (pravachans) delivered by Param Sant Mahatma Sri Ramchandra Ji Maharaj. The book is a reflection of the depth and breadth of the knowledge of a great and renowned spiritual master of the stature of Sri Lala Ji who has been the motivating force behind the growth and development of a number of spiritual giants including Pujya Sri Brijmohan Lal Ji Maharaj. Some of the topics covered are Divine path, Shagl Rabta, Experience based knowledge, A description of pleasure and pains, Various states: awakened, dream, ‘sushupti’ and ‘Turiya’, Happiness-their types, means and practices, etc. The book though in Hindi, is grossly enriched with Urdu words and expressions (in Hindi).

Aatm Ahuti

‘Aatm Aahuti’ is a collection of some selected and rare letters by the great saints and Satgurus of Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang such as Mahatma Ramachandra Ji Maharaj, Maulana Fazal Ahmed Khan Sahib, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji, and Mahatma Brijmohan Lal Ji Maharaj to their dearest disciples spreading over the years 1898-1954. The letters are assets to the practitioners and provide invaluable tips for their progress (in Hindi).

Jeevan Mukt Avastha Ki Aur

The ‘Jeewan Mukt Avastha Ki Aur-Hindi’ is a collection of correspondence between Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji and satsangi brothers and sisters. This is a vivid description of Anand Yoga in practice. The book has selected compilation of letters highlighting a real life practical situation in spiritual practice and there remedy. The book has 17 different sections each related to common problems faced by a practitioner on the path of spiritual attainment.  The book has a very simple layout, effortless reading and highly recommended to beginners (in Hindi). Infact it’s a practical guide for those who are in search of inner truth.

Aatm Bodh Darpan (Ainaye Ilme Batin)

The ‘Ainaye Ilme Batin’ is authored by Param Sant Sri Brijmohan Lal Ji who has been one of the closest disciples of Param Sant Mahatma Sri Ramchandra Ji (Lala Ji Maharaj). The book is based on some selected pravachans delivered by the author on the occasion of the Bhandara, a great spiritual function held at Fatehgarh during 1932-33. For a seeker on the path of ‘atmic development’ the book provides invaluable information and guidelines which are directly related to the author’s own practical experiences.

Clippings From Diary

The ‘Clippings from Diary’ contains some selected excerpts from the Diary of Sri R.S.Agrawal Ji who was a dedicated sadhak and had been in close association of Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji since 1961. The spiritual thoughts, feelings and experiences jotted down time to time by him in his diary provide valuable guidance to a sadhak. The collection made by Kumari Sarita covers the period 1961-1986 and has mixed i.e. English-Hindi content.

In Quest of Spiritualism

The book on ‘In Quest of Spiritualism’ is based on the letters (in English) sent to Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji by devotees and spiritual practitioners. The replies to these letters provide due guidance to the seekers and also throw light on the wealth of experiences during different stages of sadhana. The book is interesting and highly useful to the seekers on the path of spiritual journey (in English).

Patra Pushpanjali

The book ‘Patra  Pushpanjali’ provides a good collection of selected letters in Hindi addressed to Param Sant Mahatma Sh. Yashpal Ji by various aspirants and also provides  their replies as given out by the renowned saint. The letters do contain interesting experiences of the seekers during the course of their sadhana and also the difficulties faced by them. The replies not only possess an interpretation to their experiences but also the necessary guidance to overcome the difficulties. The book is very useful to spiritual practitioners (in Hindi).

Iti Ki Marg Ki Sadhna

The technique of spiritual practices under ABSS follows the principles of Itimarg which is nothing but the practice of the ‘Method of Addition’. This is considered to be most suited for the households (i.e. the grihasthas). In this book ‘Itimarg ki Sadhana’ the author, Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji throws light on the various steps of the ‘Method of Addition’ for the benefit of the beginners. The book is based on some key lectures (Pravachans) delivered by the Spiritual Giant at different occasions (in English).



The book on ‘Bhajanawali’ contains devotional songs, Bhajans, Gazhals and prayers. These are composed by renowned saints, Sufis, faquirs and satgurus of different periods. In addition to Hindi, the Bhajans composed in other languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Marathi etc are also included in this book. These songs and Bhajans create congenial atmosphere for meditation and sadhana (in Hindi).


ABSS: Parichay Evam Sadhna Ke Siddhant

This book has two parts. The first part gives brief life sketch of the founder of ABSS, Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji. In the second part, the first step of Sadhana is described for the benefit of beginners. In addition, some basic queries are also discussed such as ‘why, to worship?’, ‘significance of love (prem) in Sadhana etc.’. The book is highly recommended for beginners (in Hindi).


Sant Yashpal Sadhna Shila

The booklet ‘Sant Yashpal Sadhana Shila’ provides a description of ‘Sadhana Shila’ which is located near Jabalpur at the hill top surrounded by jungles. This is the sacred place where Param Sant Mahatma Sri Yashpal Ji practised intense meditation for a long time during his stay at Jabalpur. Even today the spiritual vibrations are experienced at the place and many practitioners are getting benefitted by visiting there.


Sant Sudha

Sant Sudha is the quarterly spiritual magazine of Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang (ABSS). The first issue ‘Guru Purnimank’ is published in July on the eve of  ‘Guru Purnima’. The second issue appears in September/October on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami and is associated with the birth anniversary of Param Sant Mahatma Shri Raghubar Dayal Ji Maharaj. The third issue ‘Janmotsawank’ marks the birth anniversary of Param Sant Mahatma Shri Yashpal Ji Maharaj, the founder of ABSS and is published in December. The fourth issue ‘Varshikotsawank’ is published on the occasion of Annual Bhandara during Ram Navami (March/April) which is also the birth anniversary of Param Sant Mahatma Shri Brijmohan Lal Ji Maharaj.

Sant Sudha contains articles in Hindi,English and Telugu. Besides a lead article ‘Samrakshak Ka Sandesh’ by the current Samrakshak of ABSS, Param Sant Shri Suresh Bhaiya Ji, there are articles based on spiritual experiences, articles for children, letters from Sadhakas etc. The annual membership of Sant Sudha is Rs 100/- and life membership is Rs 1000/- only. The corresponding membership fees for overseas subscribers are $100 and $1000 respectively.