Pujya Mata Ji

Param Pujniya Roopwati Devi Ji – Pujniya Mata Ji

Param Pujya Satgurudev Mahatma Yashpal Ji (Pujya Bhai Sahib ji) discarded his physical body on 3rd April 2000 and became one with the Lord Almighty. During his lifetime, Pujya Satgurudev entrusted the arduous responsibility of Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang on the able shoulders of Mateshwari Roopwati Devi Ji. Pujya Mateshwari has dedeicated her life for the cause of Satsang. As a matter of fact her entire life is a glorious testimony to the fact that how one can reach the supreme level of self realization through selfless service (Niskam Karma). Be it a day or night, morning or evening, midday or midnight, Pujya Mateshwari has ever been willing to serve the Satsangi brothers/sisters visiting Pujya Satgurudev either for spirirtual discourse or seeking guidance for attending Satsang or discussing their own household problems. Every Satsangi brother without any distinction is worthy of receiving her profound kindness, deep affection and utmost concern.

Pujya Mateshwari attained the Himalayan height of spiritual development in such a mysterious manner that even Pujya Satgurudev Yashpal Ji got astonished when this truth was revealed to him by his Pujya Satgururdev Sh. Brijmohan Lal Ji. He could not comprehend the fact that how could the lady who all the time was engrossed in household assignments and did rarely find time for puja/satsang could acquire the spiritual level which was difficult to be achieved even by sages and saints who practised meditation throughout their life.

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In the life of a householder, like Pujya Satgurudev Yashpal Ji full of struggle, hardship and profesional tensions, it was the sacrifice and dedication of Pujya Mateshwari which assisted him to concentrate on the noble path of his spiritual journey and achieve his mission of life. Remarkably, Pujya Mateshwari transformed her entire life quietly into a mould meant for Pujaya Satgurudev inspite of her entire household responsibilities and in recent times set a brilliant example of ancient vedic tradition of indian women of wisdom like Gargi, Maitreyi etc.

Under the able patronage of Pujya Mateshwari, the ABBS is taking rapid strides. Its messages are spreading not only to the farthest corners of India but also beyond its boundaries to the Europe and the western world.

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