Mahatma Raghuvar Dayal Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Mahatma Raghuvar Dayal Ji Maharaj – Pujya Sh. Chaccha Ji

Mahatma Raghubar Dayalji was popularly known as Chachcha ji,and was the younger brother of Mahatma Ramchandra Ji Maharaj. He was the most beloved disciple of Maulana Sahib. He was a figure of love and imparted the spiritual teachings through devotional songs and jokes. His life was a unique example of service to his devotees. He had great respect for his brother and had blind faith in him with the result that he acquired all the virtues of spiritualism. Once he was at the roof top while Mahatma Ramchandra Ji Maharaj called him. He jumped to the ground. At this Mahatma Ramchandra Ji cautioned him he would have broken his leg. Chachcha ji said that he would not worry for such things as the only objective of his life was to obey his respected brother word by word. Raghubar Dayal Ji’s life was full of mysteries that proved him a great saint of that period.

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