The objectives of the ABSS are based on the innate desire of every individual to attain permanent happiness in life. These may be summarized as follows:-

  • To attain the state of everlasting peace and bliss in this very human life. This state is also known as the state of ‘self realization’ (Atmshaksatkar) or liberation (Jeevanmukta Awastha).
  • To remain indulged in the remembrance of the Lord Almighty for all the 24 hours of the day.
  • To attain the above state without renunciation of the worldly (household etc.) responsibilities (i.e one’s occupation) and without taking away the normal time of discharging assigned responsibilities.
  • To attain the above state without resorting to difficult practices of Ashtang yoga, Tapas, Brahmacharya etc.

Through regularity in Sadhana and Puja as prescribed under the section ‘METHODOLOGY’, the above objectives can be achieved.

A question is often asked by an inquisitive rational mind- ‘why to perform Puja? What is the use of Puja? Is this not an idler’s job?’ This question was addressed to Param Pujya Satgurudev Sri Yashpal ji by a doctor at Jabalpur- “Those who have nothing to do, and time to waste, should take the beads and do Puja. But people whose every minute is useful, like us who are doctors, in half an hour perhaps lives of two persons could be saved, if we sit in Puja, the life of needy person could be lost. What is the use of worship? Moreover, who has seen God? We do not know whether, He exists or not? Why should we enter in this controversy? We should be helpful to others and do service to the mankind.”

In reply Satgurudev Param Pujya Yashpal ji asked a counter-question. “Why do you sleep? Why don’t you do the double service and also earn twice as much. Why waste time?” The doctor was greatly amazed and asked, “What are you saying? If we do not sleep, we shall fall sick. At the most we can go on like this for two or three months and not thereafter. We, the doctors, ask the patients who can’t sleep, to sleep and take rest. If necessary we make them sleep by giving them sleeping pills.” I asked, “Why you give them sleeping pills? “Why is sleeping necessary?” He replied, if a person does not sleep, he can’t have rest and rest is an essential requirement for health.” Satgurudev ji said, “Invent such injections if given, the man shall go on working and does not require any sleep”. He replied, “Whatever injection you may give, sleep is an essential requirement for rest and rest is a necessity.” Satgurudev ji then explained that science is confined only to the body and not gone beyond that. Human personality is a very complex one. We are not this body alone. We have infact three bodies i.e. the gross body which is visible externally i.e. hands, feet, nose, ears, and eyes etc. The second consists of Mind, Intellect, Chitta and (Ahankar) Ego and is called the subtle body. By this we think, this subtle body thinks and then the physical or the gross body acts. The third one is causal, the root and the Atman — the soul. The soul is the source of all energy, bliss, beatitude and joy (Anand). When the soul leaves the body it becomes useless, rather sometimes horrifying.

We thus forget that we have three bodies, we only consider this physical body as be all and end all. Now see, what happens when we sleep. When we sleep the eyes do not see, the ears do not listen or hear, the nose does not smell, the hands and feet do not work. We become actionless. Thus all the organs become actionless and this process is called rest or sleep. We are not even conscious of the body, these organs withdraw from the sense-objects and draw inwards: They are all drawn to their life-centre (Mana), the mind and get rejuvenated from within. We may take any amount of food, milk, injections, vitamins and proteins etc., if not allowed to sleep we find ourselves in a miserable condition. However, when we get good sleep and get up in the morning, we find within us freshness, power and strength to work with vigour again.

Thus we find sleep is very essential for our health, for the restoration of our energy and strength. Same is the case with our subtle body by which we think and feel. Sleep is essential for this body also. Our ancient sages and seers foresaw this eventuality and advised us to perform Puja (prayer, worship) half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. If we sincerely and earnestly perform puja, our mind will get concentrated on the Almighty. This is really a process of making the mind thoughtless. It is drawn inwards towards Atma. Just as in sleep our organs stop functioning, so, during concentration in our prayer, we reach this thoughtlessness state and thereby give rest to the mind.

Whether we believe in God or not, it makes no difference. We should atleast believe in ourselves and our integrated development in our duty. God does not need our prayer. Whatever we do, we are doing for ourselves alone. If we want our true development, then just as rest is essential for the body, so is it all the more necessary for mind. And this prayer, worship or puja whatever we may call it – is for giving the rest to the mind. By practice we make it single pointed. All the thoughts (Vasnas) germinate from the subtle body (Suksham Sharir). When we concentrate it upon our Isht (Isht – Dev) and make it one pointed it becomes thoughtless and finally gets rest.
What happens, when our mind gets rest, it is drawn towards Atma – its life centre and immense energy, light, beatitude come to our mind. We feel lighter and get serenity and joy. Love, kindness, humility ooze out from our hearts and the entire load of the mind vanishes and it becomes pure and gains immense clarity. Our efficiency alround increases. We start realizing our ownself. When we reach this state of realization, we know our real self and come to realize that all are but one and the same.

All the realized souls say the same thing. Sant Tulsidas finds his Isht Deva – Ram – in all sentient and insentient beings. All this, whatsoever moves in this Universe including that moves not, is indwelt or pervaded by the Lord. Surdas ji used to see Krishna in every person, animal, in every plant, in every branch of the tree, even in stones and pebbles, in fact, in every being. Christ said, “ Love thy neighbour as thyself.” But this cannot happen unless you have realized yourself (Atma). And for this the worship i.e. concentration and meditation is essential. In worship (Puja – prayer) we think ourselves with the inexhaustible infinite motive power that spins the Universe. The practical method of Puja, that our saints and seers have given us is that our mind should become single – pointed and thereafter it will automatically become thoughtless devoid of desires.

Once you become thoughtless you would directly get linked with your Atma, you would have beautiful and nice motivating ideas and feel oneness with the world and wish everybody to live in peace and happiness. There should be no unhappiness anywhere at all and you would like to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.
For your own development, for the common weal of the mankind, and for the welfare of the world, as a whole Puja is most essential, it is an extreme necessity.

When the mind sleeps it gets linked with the inexhaustible Supreme Infinite. Someone has said: “Jab Dil Ko Neend Aa Jaati Hai Aur Rooh Bhi Gaphil Hoti Hai.
Tab Main Hi Akela Hota Hoon Aur Yaar Ki Mehfil Hoti Hai.” When the heart sleeps and the mind is merged unto the feet of the Almighty, the soul also starts merging unto the Supreme reality, then the sadhak (aspirant) finds himself completely alone, along with his Ishta deva. He finds Him seated in his heart, the mind taking the form of a waveless Ocean and entire universe around him resonates with His name. When the mind sleeps and the Atma also sleeps, a link is established with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe. We experience Him, have His vision and get real knowledge.

Thus prayer (Puja, worship) is an absolute necessity for our true development, for destroying whatever is beastly in us and making us a real human being with all the human qualities and for the real good of the world.

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